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Welcome to the 19th Avenue Lofts

19th Ave Lofts

Welcome to the 19th Avenue Lofts! I get so excited when a Capitol Hill condo listings hit the market that have the right mix of edge, sexiness, and functionality. Chad Dierickx of Redfin has a hot new listing at 1812 19th Avenue that meets all of these criteria. I’m still not sure what I like about it better. The fact that it is in such killer location on 19th Avenue, or how amazingly perfect the space can work for so many people. Priced at $295,000 this fits nicely in the budget of many of you first time home buyers.

The common areas of the 19th Avenue Lofts are decked out with modern industrial finishes. The units inside stick to this same design aesthetic. Crisp concrete floors, exposed wooden beams add texture and character in what could have been a dull white rooms. The floor to ceiling windows offer tons of light for all of the living spaces. And even though it does not get that cold plus we live in the age of indoor heat, we Seattle folks love ourselves a good fireplace. Well the fireplace in this condo is surrounded by sleek stainless steel that will make all your guests purr.

The sleeping loft above the kitchen and bathroom feels like a private little sanctuary. As wonderful as it is it is probably the only major negative thing I can say about the unit. While it is a great space to have, it is also a little tight up there for anyone over 4ft tall. But guess what, there is no such thing as perfection so I think most of us can learn to deal with it. Even with the height challenge the space is still great for sleeping and/or a nice little office space.

One of my favorite things about this condo is the versatility of the open space concept. The open floor plan allows for countless options to maximize the living space to suit your needs. For example, I love to entertain friends and family with food and  a fun social setting. It would be super easy to use part of the kitchen space for communal dining and not have it impact the rest of the living space. Plus we all know having the “cool pad”on Capitol Hill often means that your place is an easy crash spot for friends who have hit the bars a little to hard after a night out. A simple addition like a stylish murphy bed can let your guests sleep that hangover off and give them a good reason to treat you to brunch when they awaken from their slumber around mid-afternoon.


Speaking of brunch, Tallulah’s is right down the street waiting for you with one of the best patios in town. There are also other fabulous dining options like Vios serving up all kinds of delicious Greek goodies to try. And can I just tell you I recently discovered one of the the most scrumptious chocolate chip cookies I have ever eaten. It’s at a local bakery located right on 19th Ave called Hello Robin. As if the cookies weren’t enough, from May to September they top everything off with a walk up Molly Moon “scoop station” right in the front of the store.  I don’t even know how it’s legal to have that much decadence in one location.

Living in this unit would be the perfect place for someone looking for a balanced mix fun and tranquility. Its location on the eastern edge of Capitol Hill puts it away from all the hustle and bustle but within striking distance of fun when you feel the need to hit the streets. I would definitely add it to my list of possibilities if I were in the market for a Capitol Hill condo. If you are interested in looking at this unit feel free to contact me to set up a showing.



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